Ignition Multiple OPC Tags

Hello Guys

I have 4 PLC’s connected to ignition.
I want to create a tag into Ignition to modify the same 4 tags each one.
Is there a option to do this? Thanks!

The tags will be independent. They have to be because they’ll be on four independent device connections.

Presumably you want a common component to control the same tag in each of the four controllers. To do you could:

  • Add a numeric field component to your view (Perspective) or window (Vision).
  • Add an onChange event script to that component.
  • Have the script update the tag in each of the PLCs.

See system.tag.writeBlocking - Ignition User Manual 8.1 - Ignition Documentation.

You put the four tag paths into paths list. You put the value to be written into the values list four times. e.g.,

# Create a list with the tag paths to be updated.
paths = ["[default]Folder/Tag_A","[default]Folder/Tag_B",
# Create a list with the update values, one value for each path.
v = <get value from component>
values = [v, v, v, v]
# Execute the write operation.
system.tag.writeBlocking(paths, values)