Ignition on iphone

I launched the mobile site and was able to connect to the ignition mobile part and choose the project and it opened fine but I can not scroll around the screen to see the whole page and I hit logout and now I have the login screen everytime I try and access the url again but when I click the box to type in the username and such it doesn’t bring up the keyboard to type anything in. I set in the designer for it to fit to screen and auto login but it seems to not be working.

If you log out, it is supposed to take you to the login screen. The next time you open the project it will auto-login for you. To do that, go back to the mobile launch screen again, not directly to the project you already have open.

In order to pan around in a project, you need to hold you finger down on the screen for a few seconds. This brings up a wheel with options to click, pan, exit, and enter text.