Ignition on MAC - installer can't be opened because Apple can't check it

This issue has been going on for a very long time, and it is mind boggling to me (in addition to be exceedingly frustrating) that this issue has not yet been resolved.

No one runs Ignition on MACs? Makes no sense to me. Maybe I'm just ignorant of something. Can someone enlighten me?

(I don't want hacks to get around this - we should haven't to play games like that).

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Only for local development. Sometimes a Gateway, usually just a Designer. Nobody deploys to prod on a Mac.

Notarizing the installer is hopefully coming soon-ish.

Also, FWIW, when I need to run Ignition on my Mac I just use the zip distributions. They can be started/stopped by ignition.sh start or ignition.sh stop, and I think because I have Terminal.app set up as a developer tool in the security settings I never have any issues running it.

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:raising_hand_man: :grimacing: (On a limited basis with Mac Mini's)


(and I ask this as a Mac user)

Small locations. Usually have a Mac Mini as a shelf spare. Plus only recently built out a dedicated IT team. Gave more peace of mind from a security standpoint when dealing with limited resources to monitor hardware. Windows drives me crazy and not quite comfortable enough with Linux to not waste many hours when having to maintain an asset.

(Fully agree it is a fair question though :sweat_smile:)

I have Ignition 8.1.23 currently running on 2012 Mac Server.
I had minor issues installing Ignition but I think it was me as new user to Mac. We run designer on Mac.
Check this link:

It may help.

I’m doing development. I have MACs, don’t want to deploy a VM or spend the $$ on a Windows license just to run something that is supposed to run on a Mac.

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(But more importantly: how difficult can this be – get it configured and setup with Apple if you’re going to offer a MacOS compatible version.)

How do you match your end-user environment or otherwise ensure what you are doing will run properly? Writing off VMs so blithely strikes me as [self-redacted], IMNSHO.

I’m developing in a lab. If I had a real world target, that would be different.

The point is: why not fix the installation problem if you have a version for deployment in that environment. The point is not what my environment is and why I use it.

I agree it should be fixed. We have an open issue for it. It's even got a Q2 target on it now.

The simple truth, though, is that this issue is, and has been, lower priority than other work this team is responsible for. Mac is not a priority.

As you say above:

Apple places extra roadblocks in the way of software distribution. Presumably to protect their userbase (from themselves), but, in my opinion, more to protect their walled garden. Regardless of justification, it is a roadblock that will cause multi-platform products to lag on Macs. Unless you are willing to work around the restrictions (aka "hack").

I think your criticism of IA is unjust--you should be complaining to Apple.


… or there should be some warning or something because it’s a tough wall to run into when you think you just need to download and install.

That said, your point is fair.


:joy: this made me lol, very true


Looks like no one is answering this properly, so here goes.

  1. Right click on the dmg installer and then choose "Open". You should be able to bypass Apple's checks.
  2. Launch "Ignition Design Launcher" and add your local designer. Upon opening you will get an "Launch Error Occured, Downloading of launchclient.jar failed" error. Exit from Ignition Design Launcher
  3. Open a terminal and type "sudo su". Then "chown -R username /Users/username/.ignition" where username is your Mac username
  4. Relaunch "Ignition Design Launcher"
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Thanks so much for this. I’ll give it a try.

I just merged in the work to notarize the Ignition Installer and it should be available in the nightly and the next release (8.1.31).

But ill throw my two cents in here for some context:

Notarization of a product as complex as Ignition is not trivial. Signing Mach-O execs from the deepest part of Ignition outwards while maintaining hashes/signatures where Ignition requires it in a sane way during a build which happens many times a day without interrupting active development is not something which can be completed without great care. It's obviously not impossible (since its complete now) but as Kevin mentioned had lower priority to other issues which affect a much broader collection of users. In an ideal world we would have the bandwidth to fix all bugs and add new features immediately, but unfortunately that isn't the case, especially when there is (an admittedly grotesque) workaround available for this issue. Especially since most mac users are mainly in it for the Designer and the Designer Launcher has been notarized for some time.

Hope that helps contextualize the delay in this, and I hope merging this improves your Ignition workflow :slightly_smiling_face:

JJ Coffman

EDIT: Updated from 8.1.30 to 8.1.31 to account for the hotfix release


Thanks so much for the reply, JJ. Suspected there were complications in getting this done, but have no idea of what’s actually involved. Appreciate you taking the time to reply to this thread.

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To expand on this (for anyone who is interested in trying):

  1. Right click on the dmg image
  2. Choose open
  3. When you get the warning messages, you should have an "Open" button (which I read as "open anyways").
    This will happen 2-3 times during the installation process.

This then seems to tak you through the normal installation process.