Ignition on PanelView Plus 7 Performance - Allen Bradley

Has anyone successfully ran a project on a PanelView Plus 7 Performance Touchscreen? I've found some articles from Inductive Automation where they successfully loaded and used on a PV6:

But Looking to use 19" PanelView Plus Touchscreens.

Any information is greatly appreciated.


I have not done so, yet others have experienced issues when one size Panelview display was replaced with a different size because the font used for menu work would no longer fit well in the allocated area. (This has to do with available pixels compared to programmed use ). The font in Ignition 7.9 is different from that in Ignition 8, thus if you develop it to work on V.7.9 then I would highly advise testing your end result on V.8.0.2 or V.8.0.3 before presenting the result to a customer. Because the font that had been used in 7.9.6 was not available for the Ignition 8 product, a different one was picked. The horizontal spacing would be one possible issue. The VNC may or may not have also been changed. See the thread “Ignition 8.0.2 Font is different to 7.9.6” in the Early Access forum for the font workaround. Theoretically it should work if you follow the same steps, yet again I would urge caution. Please let us know if it does work for you.