Ignition on PanelView

The new (Allen Bradley HMI) PanelView Plus 7 Performance series B are changing from Windows CE to Windows 10 IoT OS. Has anyone yet tried running Ignition on these units? How did it go?

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The only way to do this is if you get it up and running and then send a photo of Ignition running on the PVP and send it to Rockwell :joy:

To answer your question though, if it runs win 10 iot then you shouldn’t have any problems running ignition, Vision or Perspective


I do wish the web browser integrated in FT View SE would run Perspective

That would almost be like DOS supporting running Perspective :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes: you can’t expect RA to keep up with modern tech in their scada software, that would be absurd


In the last year they introduced their first native component allowing the display of tabular data. Sooner or later I expect there will be some tools for interacting with this data.

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LOL, although I wouldn’t hold your breath. Of all the 8-9 SCADA platforms I’ve used, FactoryTrash has to be the worst :confused: glad I haven’t had to use it in years

Sorry, gotta ask, why would someone want to do this? Not sure which is worse, FTME software, or the PV+ hardware. I’m torn which one to vote as the winner/loser. :slight_smile:

I always thought the PanelView hardware was pretty good. It’s very durable, I often come across PVs that are decades old still kicking. One reason as to why would be to repurpose existing hardware to salvage it :wink:

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Not a bad reason, assuming it runs Ignition well. But, even with a retrofit, it’s still better to replace hardware. The resolution is terrible, unless you get the newer ones, and they are crazy expensive. You could buy several FPMs or Touch PCs for the price of one PV+.

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We usually go with Beckhoff panel PCs these days. Super sturdy units and have really decent hardware specs for a reasonable price (not cheap, but reasonable). Still, most HMIs are generally capped at 1366x768 for widescreen ~15-19" unless you start paying more for 21" screens to get 1920. But then you need to have bigger panels as well to suit…

I would agree though that the AB PVP hardware is pretty good and reliable. Their SCADA software on the other hand though is a pile of garbage unless all you want to do is display a couple of values on the screen. Forget anything fancy or vaguely intelligent (I’m talking anything greater than the intelligence of a goldfish. Sorry goldfish…)

We’ve been using Advantech 15.6", which is widescreen, they offer 1920x1080.

Worse than Wonderware Intouch?

Never used “Wondertouch” before, but I’m pretty sure it’s better than FactoryTrash… It’s very difficult to not be

We moved away from Advantech as their hardware specs (CPU) were inferior to Beckhoff’s. The Beckhoff’s tend to use higher generation CPUs. The build quality of the Beckhoffs is also better than the Advantechs at a similar price point

Won’t debate that, the resolution is our priority. But, we have had good results with Advantech. I’ll look at Beckoff, but have a hunch I’ll be disappointed.

A million times worse

That’s impressive, the support for wonderware is reason enough not to use it. I have some RSView 32 projects that are miles better than wonderware, but havent experienced factory trash.

I liked RSView32. It had it’s issues, but it wasn’t that bad. FTME is the worst. FTSE is better, but compared to Ignition is just bottom of the barrel.

It’s the bottom of a barrel that’s been eaten by termites. (have I made it clear enough that I’m not particularly fond of it?)

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Anyone use PlantPAx from Allen Bradley?

BloatPAx? Never actually used it before, just know that a single analogue input has like 600 tags :confused: