Ignition on portable HandHeld terminal without Mobile module

Any one with any experience? We want to implement a warehouse inventory system using ignition and without the overhead of the Mobile module on the Gateway’s memory. And what is required on these terminals to run the client?

I don’t believe there are any mobile computers designed for warehouse use that run an OS capable of running Java - so you won’t be able to run native clients.

If you use the web development module, you could use the gateway as a web server, and run pure-web interfaces to an ERP system, which would be accessible from just about any browser (as long as you keep your limitations in mind while developing the project).

You will struggle to find any mobile computers that can run Java for a proper Ignition Client, as Paul pointed out.

I had a similar task for my project, and i ended up developing an HTML5 webapp which would interface with Ignition using the WebDev module. This allows it to be accessed by any mobile devices browser that is connected to the same network as the Gateway. Possibly you could go down that route.

Thanks for the quick responses. Not what I wanted to hear as we really don’t want to burden the Gateway nor do want to write custom code outside of ignition. I guess, I’ll keep looking or find another solution. We wanted an ALL Ignition solution without the overhead on the Gateway.

We use Windows 7 based tablets for this and it works well.
We limit the pages the smaller memory tablets can access so they don’t get bogged down by large datasets or large number of tags.

We have used Getac tablets, Surface Pros, and are ordering some smaller 7 inch tablets now.

Basically any tablet with a full on Windows OS on them will run Ignition with ease.

If the projects are fairly small, you could get one of those raspberry pi’s along with the case and $70 screens.

Just bought an HP Stream 7 from Amazon for my wife for our upcoming anniversary. Of course, I had to make sure it worked okay. :laughing:

It came with Windows 8.1 out of the box. The only disappointment thus far was that the wifi drivers weren’t installed. Easy enough to fix, but still annoying.

It performed well for whatever client application I threw at it, but keep in mind that it only has 1G RAM, so smaller projects would probably be best.

We are working with fixed mount RPi with 7" touchscreens on all our equipment and they are working well so far.

We implemented a similar system when integrating remote barcode scanning into an Ignition system, but we ended up using rugged Android handhelds (Motorola Dolphin 75e - very nice) and programming them using web technologies (Apache Cordova and NodeJS) because the handhelds had to operate while disconnected from the network. They uploaded and downloaded information from a local store to the main database when docked.

If you want to stay away from the mobile module, then Microsoft Surface tablets are the way to go. I’m still using my original surface pro and it’s great. Any tablet that runs Windows instead of Android or IOS should be fine. With a Windows based tablet, Ignition runs just like it’s on any other PC.


I know this thread is somewhat old, but I just wanted to find out if Ignition V8.0 Vision Client will run on a Windows tablet. Can anyone confirm?


As long as the system is 64 bit and you can run Java, you should be ok. It should be a tablet running full Windows OS


You can use Windows IoT Enterprise as well (assuming people assume this isn’t a “full Windows”)

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We ended up using a Microsoft Surface tablet, the vision client runs on it fine. If it weren’t so time consuming and difficult to recreate a large Vision project in Perspective, we’d surely switch to Perspective instead.