Ignition on Ubuntu Disk Space Optimization

I’m running Ignition 8.1 on a headless Ubuntu cloud server and I’m just about out of disk space. Unfortunately, the guy who can add more space is on vacation and my estimate has us running out before he gets back. I found a file that I’d love to delete, but I’m not familiar enough with Ignition on linux to know if this is a bad idea. The file is in /home/“users name” and called “ignition-8.1.12-linux -x64-installer.run”. My theory is that this is an installer that we don’t need.

This is a fairly entry level implementation so this 1.6gb will likely be enough to hold us over. Should I delete this?

You only need the installer during install time–after it is run, it will have extracted its contents to whatever install location you chose (default of /usr/local/bin/ignition). You should be able to safely delete it now that Ignition is installed.

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Ignition doesn’t consume increasing amounts of space long-term by itself. (Assuming you leave log rotation enabled.) Did you install a database on the same server? (Don’t do that!)

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