Ignition OPC and Siemens PLC tags


I have succesfully installed the Ignition OPC Server UA and I can read data from a Siemens PLC (CPU315).
I have one question, how can I create tags in the OPC Server that are accessible /visible from any client? Because now I have to use the absolute address from the PLC to access the data. In the Designer I can create tags, but don’t show up in a external OPC client (like Simple OPC Client from Siemens). Does anyone know how to create such tags or what I’m doing wrong?

The Ignition OPC-UA Server has no support for custom tags, but you can always use the absolute address in other clients of course.

Also see this post about the same topic.

Thanks for your reply.
So In other words, I can not define ‘symbolic’ tags in the server and use them in other OPC clients?

Yes, thats right. Symbolic tags are not supported with the Siemens Driver.