Ignition OPC Quick Client Issues - "Write failed : Bad" but the value gets written (v8.1.18)

Write failed: Bad is displayed when I write to a tag. The thing is, the value gets written (I can see it in Designers tag browser). Writing to a tag from a 3rd party client is the same, the client indicates bad/failed but the value is still written. Nothing in the Logs from the Status page. This didn’t happen in version 8.1.14, the last time I used it. Can’t say about .15, .16, or .17.

Any suggestions?


Additionally and not my main concern, I get a Please add a subscription. warning when I click [s]. Again, wasn’t an issue in v8.1.14


Thank you and regards,

We’re aware of this and it should be fixed shortly. Unfortunately it’s not going to make the 8.1.19 release, but it will be in a nightly soon.

The quick summary is that the Exposed Tags feature was recently rewritten to improve performance and the QualityCode to StatusCode mapping for writes is implemented incorrectly, and you always get a Bad result even when it succeeds.


Thanks Kevin!