Ignition OPC Quick Client not pulling new tags from external OPC Server

I inherited a solution where Ignition OPC-UA server is used to connect to another OPC Server (FASOPC) and it was able to pull tags into Ignition. Recently, I added some new tags to the FASOPC Server and I can read the tags/values from Kepware OPC Quick Client, however the new tags do not appear in the Ignition OPC Client. I’m curious what I may be missing or what could be the cause. Any tips on how to fix the issue would really help.

Can you try browsing with a third party OPC UA client like UaExpert?

One big difference between the Kepware QC and the Ignition QC is that the Kepware QC is an OPC Classic client, AFAIK.

If you can see them with UaExpert then get some screenshots of the browse tree and the attributes for those missing Nodes.

Thanks for the quick response. I confirmed that the tags are not showing in UaExpert as well. How can I resolve this and make the tags appear? Please note, there are other tags from the same source on the OPC Server showing in Ignition. I would like the new tags from the same source to show as well.

Sorry, I don’t know… probably call the server vendor for support since you have 2 separate OPC UA clients unable to see these tags.