Ignition OPC UA Connection to UaExpert OPC Client is not working

I am trying to connect and consume data from the Ignition OPC UA server.

I have following settings:
Bind Port: 62541
Bind Address: localhost
End Point Address: (This is the machine with Ignition)
Security: None,Basic128Rsa15,Basic256Sha256

User source: opcua-module (default)

Now on the UaExpert (latest version) machine (
In the custom discovery I have following: opc.tcp://
After select discover nothing is happening.

Not sure what is wrong! Any help will be appreciated.

If UaExpert is on another machine you need to set the bind address to something like and restart the server for it to take effect.

I changed the bind address to and restart OPC UA module and as well the ignition server. But still no luck with connection.

You might also need to open firewall ports on your server.

Thanks @pturmel and @Kevin.Herron. So applying inbound firewall rule and bind address did the trick.