Ignition OPC UA connectivity and Firewall configuration

Dear Ignition team,

I have to establish a OPC-UA connectivity between 2 ignition gateways

1) Ignition OPC UA Server running on OT network(Yokogawa DCS network)
2) Ignition OPC UA Client running on IT network
3) These 2 gateways will be connected through firewall

I have few question about above configuration

1) What are the port numbers I should allow through firewall?
2) IP address class is different for IT and OT network, in this case what specific action I should perform?

Included the system architecture here:

Yokogawa-Ignition OPC-UA connectivity_Transition_020.pdf (233.0 KB)

As your diagram already suggests, you’ll need to allow the client to connect to the server on port 62541.

If the traffic is routable and subnet masks are correct, maybe nothing? This is largely something that IT or whoever is handling the network setup must handle. The 2 networks need to be able to talk to each other, they should be able to make that happen somehow. If you end up using NAT then the OPC UA server should have the IP address the client is using to reach it added to its Endpoint Address list.

Hi Kevin,

Thanks for quick reply :slightly_smiling_face:

Do I need to enable anyother port apart from 62541 for Ignition gateways to communicate?


Not if you’re just using OPC UA between the gateways.

Thankyou keviin