Ignition (OPC- UA device connection)

Hello everyone,
Can you help me, I have a question:
In ignition (OPC UA> Device Connections). a maximum of how many devices can be connected ?

There’s no limit unless you’re using Ignition Edge edition.

What is the limit on Ignition Edge?

It’s a license parameter. I think it’s 2 by default on the editions that are limited.

I’m hoping it’s just a license parameter and can be extended. Just 2 won’t get me very far. :frowning: I recognize that there are performance issues to be considered, just something to work through.

It’s not necessarily performance, although that can be an issue if you’re running Edge on really low power hardware, but I think it mostly has to do with the low price of Edge compared to regular Ignition or buying the OPC UA module + driver modules.

I’d get in touch with your sales rep though. Edge stuff changes all the time and I don’t know what the current situation is.

Thank you for the prompt responses, much appreciated!