Ignition OPC-UA driver for newer AB Compactlogix controller

The OPC UA driver does not work properly with newer Allen Bradley compactlogix controller (L30/L33 Firmware version 20). The issue has been reported to Tech support. I would like to know the expected date for release of new OPCUA-AB driver to correctly handle the data retrieval from newer AB controllers

We’ll try to keep you and this thread updated when we know. I believe the developer who will be implementing that has been on vacation this week.

We are going through testing and should have it out soon. I’ll keep you posted on this thread.

Both Ignition 7.4 and 7.5 Betas include support for 1769-LxxER processors.

Is the latest version of Ignition (7.5.3) available on your website compatible with newer AB controllers or do I still need to download the beta version of OPC UA driver?

Yes, 7.5.3 should have the compatibility that is mentioned earlier by Tom in this thread.