Ignition - OPC UA error (Faulted)

Dear Maam/Sir,

May we have to request your support, to give some solution on how to solve this problem that we encountered in our Ignition Server.

Our OPC UA Connection has been faulted and some , we attached the following screenshot for your further reference.

We hope that you can give us the best solution, thank you for your kind support.

Thank you.


John Vincent Canda

I check the client security, the expiration date is invalid.

Please see screenshot. Thank you.

I’m not sure what to advise, as you are using a very old and unsupported version of Ignition. (The v8.0.x series has been end of life for more than a year.) You may need to upgrade to the latest of the 8.0 series, but I suspect you actually have to have your Ignition server make a new cert for itself. I don’t recall how to do that.

For a critical production situation, you should call IA support and/or open a support ticket. This forum is not support.

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