Ignition OPC-UA server Endpoint Address behavior

(ignition 7.9.7)
if Ignition OPC-UA Server Endpoint Address is set to an static IP (for example,

case 1) when Ignition start, the opc-ua server bind to and localhost.
So the server is reachable by opc client as expected from local and remote with

case 2) But if when Ignition start, the network cable is not connected, the opc-ua server seem to bind only localhost.
So the server is reachable only from local.
If you reconnect your network cable, the server is never remotly reachable from !
You need a OPC-UA server module restart in order the server beacame remotly reachable from…

@Kevin.Herron, would it be possible that the opc-ua server module manage the case 2)
When the IP became reachable the server bind to it and remote client can reconnect.

Of course anything (almost?) is possible with programming… but I don’t think the complexity involved makes this something that will happen.

The server in Ignition 8 handles binding to correctly, so maybe that would solve the issue.

Thanks, it is too bad that Ignition 7.9.X doesn’t support binding to :frowning2: