Ignition OPC UA server Faulted

Hello everyone!

I'm relatively new to the SCADA environment and currently facing an issue with connecting to the OPC server in Ignition. I've attempted to connect using the bind port 62541, but the connection is consistently faulted.

Could anyone provide guidance on what the correct endpoint URL for connecting to the server might be? I'd greatly appreciate any insights or tips on troubleshooting this issue.

It's opc.tcp://localhost:62541/discovery by default. You shouldn't have to change it.

Check your logs for errors. If it's not faulted because someone messed around with the settings, the other common cause is that the server failed to bind on startup because e.g. the port was already in use.

Hello Kevin,

It says that there is a anonymous token policy found.

Ok, so edit the connection, and add the username and password back to the configuration.

By default it's opcuauser / password.

It does not work (it says "user access denied") and also I have checked that this port 62541has not been used.

I got it! I had to enable "Anonymous Access Allowed" in the settings. Thanks for your input!