Ignition OPC-UA Server for 3rd party UA client & Matrikon UA Tunneller to DA Client

  1. When Ignition acts as an OPC-UA server, where does it stores it’s PROGID? We couldn’t find it in Registry files.

We are using Matrikon UA Tunneller to convert Ignition OPC-UA to DA so that Matrikon-DA Client can access the Ignition data.

The ProgID on UA Tunneller created is UAPROXY.[IPaddress of Ignition Server]_IgnitionOPCUAServer.1 & ClassID as {numbers} . How does it generate & where does 3rd part UA or Tunneller collects it from in Ignition machine?

  1. The Tag structure formed in UA Client or DA Client via tunneller from Ignition is as follows: ns=2;[Provider Name]MAC/AIRCOMP/TAGNAME/PV

Can we get rid of the ns=2, Provider name & folder structure in Ignition Tag database & just get Tagname/PV (Tag name with dataitem) as our OPC Item ID to OPC Clients? Current Tag structure is too long for our OPC Client software.

There’s no such thing as a ProgID in OPC UA.

OPC UA servers have an endpoint URL. In Ignition 8 it’s something like opc.tcp://localhost:62541 or opc.tcp://localhost:62541/discovery by default.

You can’t modify the NodeIds in any way.

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So you mean OPC-UA server Prog ID is randomly created by MatrikonUA Tunneller?

Also ns=2;s=[provider name] is not having any significance but just increasing the characters for other users. I understand that software itself doesn’t allows to change but is there any work around using third party tool?

It must be, because Ignition does not have an OPC Classic/DA server.

That’s part of the NodeId. If there were any way to alias or shorten it you’d have to do it in the tunneler somehow.

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