Ignition OPC UA Server for use in OPTO 22 GROOV

Has anybody out there configured a 3rd party to access Ignition UA server for tags?
I am trying to set up a ‘groov’ system from Opto 22 and I would like to utilize the power of ignitions pre-existing connections. Can anyone point me in the right direction to connect to Ignition as an OPC UA Data provider?

Have you followed the directions in the user’s guide yet? opto22.com/documents/2027_gr … _Guide.pdf

Yes, my question should have been specific such as : what is the name and address of the opc ua server?
I am currently on the OPC Connection Page
Host: IP Address
Port 4096
Security Policy Basic128Rsa15

I tried the basic IP/PORT combination and that did not work…

To find the Node Id for your device, open your OPC-UA server configurator and find the
configured device associated with this tag.
You’ll find part of the Node Id information here. The remainder comes from the device itself.
The addressing syntax is different for each type of device, so you’ll need to check the OPC-UA
server’s documentation for this tag’s device type.
Click Configure
Dynamic Tags
Select the

Around page 20 in their manual…

I talked with their tech support. They have used it. Gotta finish tomorrow. Something special about the user token and none for security to use ignition opc UA. Ignitionopc UA faults when I remove the username opcuauser… any suggestions from the forum?

Sounds like maybe you need to enable anonymous access… you can do this in under the Ignition OPC-UA Server Settings part of the gateway. It may require a restart of the module to take effect.

Here’s a summary of settings to allow Opto 22’s groov to connect to Ignition’s OPC-UA Server.

In the configuration tab, under “OPC-UA, Settings,” the “Allow Anonymous Access” must be checked. Save this change.

Lower in the configuration tab, edit the OPC-UA Connection you are trying to reach.

In my “bare install,” this is named “Ignition OPC-UA Server” with a type of “OPC-UA Connection.” In the edit connection, the only setting I needed to change is “Security Policy.” Set it to “none.”

While in the “Edit OPC Server Connection,” make a note of the “Port.” The default is 4096. Also, make sure the “Host” is set to localhost.

Save these changes.

If groov is running on a different (virtual or physical) computer, firewall settings may apply.

In the specific system you are using, ensure Ignition’s computer’s firewall allows incoming TCP/IP connections to port 4096. For Windows users with a firewall enabled, you will need to add an exception.

I hope this helps.

You bet that does help, I should have posted back that I did get the system working. The ‘allow anonymous’ connections did do the trick in my case. It is good to hear back from the forum.

Do you like using the Groov Server? Honestly I am hoping that IA comes out with a similar solution but that might be a monumental feat. The closest thing would probably be the mobile module.
Having a totally browser based screen is not necessarily an HMI but a dashboard of sorts.
I like the concept because of the lack of dependencies. I don’t really want to raise the debate
of what does constitute an HMI although that is an ongoing and interesting one.

Anyway thanks for the responses.


Carl, are you implying that Inductive is looking at having an option to serve up html instead of java? That would be awesome and would be a better option than the current mobile module.

I think alot of users would pay for it if so.