Ignition OPC UA Server Redundancy

Following up on a previous topic Ignition OPC UA Server Tag Read
I have done some tests in order to verify if the OPC UA server Redundancy is a supported feature when using a Redundant gateway setup. In Summary, a Redundant gateway setup was configured, using UA expert as a client, the variables RedundancySupport and ServiceLevel (under ServerObjetct/ServerCapability) were monitored for both gateways. And it seems that both servers were reporting RedundancySupport: None and ServiceLevel: 255 (Good), the expected behavior on the other hand: ( according to the OPC Reference: OPC 10000-5 with opc ua server Redundancy support (Non Transparent case) is to have a RedundancySupport (Cold or Warm similar to the gateway redundancy type?) and the ServiceLevel variable that reflects the state for each server (i.e Good for the active server/gateway and No Data or Degraded for the backup server, Reference: Table109 ). Will the Server Redundancy feature be implemented with Ignition and is there an estimated date.
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It’s not a supported feature and there are not currently any plans to implement it.

Hi Kevin,
So how to know which OPC UA server is active (Master or Backup) from the OPC UA client side?

If the “Exposed Tags” functionality is enabled (Ignition tags being exposed via the OPC UA server in addition to the device tags), then you should be able to look at the redundancy-related System tags under System/Gateway/Redundancy.

Indeed the Backup Redundancy system tags are being updated with 8.1.1 which was not the case with 8.0.7.