Ignition OPC UA status Disable

I am facing problem OPC UA is not getting connected pictures are attached

You will have to give details on the device or server you want to connect to and how you tried to connect to it. What kind of device is it? Did you read its manual on using it as an OPC server? Could Ignition discover its endpoint when you entered the ip address and port?

Btw, there’s no reason to disable the Ignition OPC-UA server. Though that shouldn’t be the problem.

I have Siemens S71200 PLC which is showing “Connected” status at OPC UA —>Device
Only OPC UA is not connecting

Did you recently changed your IP address ?

If yes, you may need to restart your OPC-UA Module.

Thanks brother now I am trying to connect my smart phone with ignition software so that I can monitor HMI on it

Hi I am trying to connect micrologix 1200 which contains serial port I want it to connect with ignition I want to convert serial to Ethernet can you plz help me