Ignition OPC UA to Map RedLion PLC

On what port and what driver do we connect a RedLion to Ignition OPC UA???

Port 790???


If the device supports Modbus then use that driver. The port used by Modbus is 502. We would need more specific information about the PLC to answer this question.

Thanks Greg for yoru reply

ProducTVity Station

redlion.net/Products/Groups/ … /07051.pdf

It has a built in OPC Master, but can not connect to it

And also pull data from a RedLion G306

redlion.net/Products/HumanMa … /G306.html

Thanks for your suport

you need to use the opc-da module, not opc-ua.

Using OPC-DA you may want to take a look at this article


Thanks Greg for your information. Will follow up on your recommendations