Ignition page file usage

The system administrator of one of my customer is complaining about page file usage of Ignition on the server (next a printscreen from PRTG network monitor):

He is urging me to take countermeasures: any suggestion?
(I’m using Ignition 8.0.16 (b2020082513))

Thanks, regards

That almost certainly means that Ignition is unable to claim the amount of memory you’ve told it to use (in ignition.conf), so some of the allocation gets pushed into your server’s pagefile (virtual memory). This is not uncommon when the server is doing multiple duties, like running your database or acting as a file server.

I also see that you are using VMware. All of my clients suffering VM miseries were suffering due to VMware’s non-intuitive resource allocation tools, which make it easy for users to unintentionally over-commit CPUs and/or memory. Consider auditing your hypervisor.