Ignition partial Crash - OPC UA

Good morning to everyone,
We are experiencing some issues with Ignition.
The behavior is this:
Ignition work propelly for about 3-4 hour, after that the tag browser and all the tag became unavailable.
The OPC (Tani OPC Server) still work and can read/write the tag.
The only code we had in the log is this for the moment:
UascClientMessageHandler (org.eclipse.milo.opcua.stack.client.transport.uasc.UascClientMessageHandler)
No pending request with requestId=XXXXXX for ServiceFault

To solve the problem we have to disable and enable the Opc connection.

We are using Ignition 8.0.16 connected with Tani OPC-UA 1.25.15 (the latest version), PLC Siemens 1500.

We have another plant with the same configuration (Tani OPC) but with Rockwell and we don’t experience any issues.

For sure is not the Tani OPC, we optimize the comunication of the tag but no matter how we speed up the performance, it seem that after sometime the problem come back.

we try this to solve the problem:
Give more memory for the heap
Optimize the scan class
One time we found in quarantine the trusted certificate and we allow it.

It seems that the tag service became unavailable, the issues is really similar to this:

Thank you for the help

If the tag browser is not working then this is unlikely related to the OPC message in your logs.

On the other hand, if the OPC browser stop showing tags for that server then it might be related.

Which is it? This may require you to call into support while it’s happening to show them.

Thank you for the fast reply! :slight_smile:
I asked to my co-worker:
In the tag browser we see the tag and if we try to change something ( a bool for example) sometimes it work but really slow, but we can try to take some screen shot when it happen again.
How I can call the support? By opening a ticket or by other mean?
Thank you for the help

Ok it just happened now.
We can see the tag, we can change them, in the designer work but on the HMI pannel no.
We have this new message now:

UascClientMessageHandler 16Sep2020 17:45:47 No pending request with requestId=23511 for ServiceFault
ClockDriftDetector 16Sep2020 17:43:58 Clock drift, degraded performance, or pause-the-world detected. Max allowed deviation=1000ms, actual deviation=1146ms
UascClientMessageHandler 16Sep2020 17:43:51 No pending request with requestId=22975 for ServiceFault

This message means some kind of failed response is arriving from the server after Ignition’s client has already given up and deemed it timed out.

Maybe you can get a Wireshark capture. The connection will need to have security disabled to make sense of it, though.

Wireshark is now installed on the server.
What should I look for?
I don’t have a lot of experience with this software.

Take a capture while this issue is occurring and then upload it somewhere and we will look at it.