Ignition Perspective 8.1.2: TextArea Component Preview/Display mode rendering

This rendering issue using Perspective took me by surprise as other components (i.e. Labels) seem to “inherit” styles that are compatible with the environment styles and themes, but I am struggling with getting the TextArea component to render properly.

Any ideas from the community on how best to resolve this? (see below example in Dark theme mode)

BTW: I have played with the Styles properties, but can’t get something that will work and render properly when themes are changed between Dark and Light modes for example. I have also tried to move the component to foreground to see if that was an issue, but no change.

Disabled states don’t render in design mode, but do in runtime/preview nodes, that looks like your issue here

Thanks. I had disabled editing of the TextArea in hopes that it could render the same way, but it make sense that it would behave this way. I have switched to the MarkUp component instead, it is better suited for my application. Thanks again.