Ignition Perspective App: defining start view

Hi all,
I'm using the Ignition Perspective App to launch my Ignition Project on a mobile device.
I'd like to start the Project from a view which is not necessarily that which is assigned to the root URL - my customer has three mobile devices: they should run the same Ignition project, but each one should start with a different view. Any suggestion?

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An obvious way is to create three page configurations each with their own Primary View. Each device then bookmarks a page such as and, optionally, set it up as the home page on that device. (I've never used the app.)

If they have fixed IP addresses or are given one based on their MAC address you might have other options, but I don't think so.

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Hi @Transistor ,thanks for your answer. I'll launch my Project through the Perspective App you download from the Google Play Store. So bookmarking any URL to use it as a starting point is not the solution, I think - that would be the way to go, if I used the browser to run my app. As stated before, I cannot find any equivalent way to start the Project with a particular view in the Android Perspective App (sniffing the device IP address could by a solution, if it had a fixed IP).
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You could add authentication to the project and navigate based on the user info.

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Ignition 8.1.10 + has an option that allows hostname resolution for Perspective (of course it depends on how your networking is set up) if you prefer to tie it to the device instead.

It works great on our enterprise network even with DHCP enabled.

I don think this addresses the different view (URL) per device requirement.
Is MAC address best way forward then? I also have a need to have a unique URL (just like the PC workstation app Page Configuration in image below) I tried looking for files on my android and iOS devices to edit with no success.

As long as the devices on your network have been assigned unique hostnames this would work for telling them apart.
The issue with the MAC address is that this kind of info isn't available on Perspective

In any case, the harder problem seems to be actually navigating to the correct starting page on session start. I have something set up that works when a session first connects, but due to the way session disconnects are detected, if you just close a tab and then re-open it seems that it doesn't consider that a whole new session and therefore the session start script doesn't fire.

EDIT: So what I have is a default homepage that checks for a redirect session prop (set on session startup based on hostname), resets the trigger (so you don't get redirected if you intentionally navigate to the homepage), and then navigates to the "custom" start page.
If you don't mind losing access to the homepage (just making it a blank "landing" page), you could skip resetting the trigger and just have it redirect every time. That way, even if you close the tab and re-open, you'd start on your "custom" start page every time.

EDIT 2: Version with landing page and forced redirect:
Session startup script:

def onStartup(session):
	if session.props.host = "host1.server.company.com":
		session.custom.redirect = True
		session.custom.redirectTarget = "/host1-start-page"

On the landing view, which is configured with URL /, have the startup event:

def runAction(self):
	if self.session.custom.redirect: