Ignition Perspective App Not Finding Gateway on iPhone

I am having an issue where on my iPhone app I cannot find my gateway. I am logged into the same network as the gateway. I tested this in a web browser where I can access my perspective on there. However, no gateways pop up in the app. I attempted to manually add the gateway but it says my host is invalid. My coworker had no issues connecting to it on his android phone on the app. Is this an apple issue? Could I be inputting the host wrong when manually inputting it? Any help is greatly appreciated!

Do you mean the browser in the same iPhone where you've installed the app? If the phone's browser can visit the gateway (and should therefore be able to launch perspective projects in that browser, too), but the app cannot, it is likely an app permissions issue.

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Yes, the browser is on the same phone where the app is installed. Is there a way I can change the app permissions to get it on the app?

Hmm. I'm not an iPhone person, but someone is likely to pop up here with suggestions.

Hi @Caroline_Czyzewski,

If this gateway is on a local network (and not available publicly over the internet) can you check the settings for the Ignition Perspective App to make sure it has Local Network access?

Settings -> Ignition Perspective should show these settings:


That worked! Thank you!