Ignition Perspective Disable Saved Login Credentials

I am looking for a way to disable the saved login credentials for the session in a Windows Edge browser environment.

As it stands, all saved login credentials for the Inductive Edge host are available when clicking on the Username field.

Can this be done within Ignition?

In my opinion that would better be controlled by IT managing the browser and settings. You can not stop the browser from inputting into Ignition via ignition as far as i know.

I suspected as much, but hoped there was a method to disable, at least for the session.

Here is a possible solution. Although I’m not sure how you could implement that via Ignition. I would have to test it out in a browser with a debugger. I’m not sure how inputs get translated into on the page.


We are setting autocomplete=off on the IdP page:

If that’s not set, then that may be something to look into.
If that is present, then that’s as much as Ignition can do; you’ll have to look into Edge’s behavior more.

Looking at the documentation, it sounds like browsers are hit-or-miss about how they support the attribute which would be used (autocomplete). Since it is an HTML attribute (not a CSS setting), there’s nothing you can modify within Perspective or the accompanying theme files to use this attribute.