Ignition Perspective Mobile App Changelogs

Hey folks! We’ve had some requests to list changes made to the Perspective Mobile Apps. Since the mobile apps aren’t part of the normal release cadence, we’ve decided to start a separate topic for them.

We’ll list the app versions in the posts, but be advised that we generally have to wait a few days for the new apps to roll out on the various platforms.


iOS: 0.96 (71)
Android: 0.96

16427: Alphabetize listed projects when browsing a gateway
The list of projects shown when browsing a gateway is now ordered alphabetically.

16105: Implement Managed configurations options for Android and iOS
The Perspective Mobile App can now be remotely configured via Android and iOS enterprise services (via third-party Enterprise Mobile Management software)

Ability to access app logs
Under settings there is now a View Logs option. Behavior is as follows:

  • Android prompts you to open with a browser or other app of your choice.
  • iOS gives you the regular share actions which includes “Save to Files”.

iOS: 0.97
Android: 0.97

507: Bug fixes with Bluetooth error handling and some error message modifications.

We’re in the works of pushing out some fixes for the Android mobile app.
Android: 0.97.1

327: Fixed an issue where the camera view when scanning a barcode was skewed on certain Android devices.
1251: Fixed an issue where Android devices without a camera were unable to download the Perspective Mobile App.

Android: 0.97.2

1356: Fixed an issue with the app’s login screen when using OpenId Connect or SAML authorization on Android.

Release notes for version 0.98

Both Android and iOS:

  • Added support for scanning inverse barcodes.
  • The mobile app will now return the scanned barcode type via a barcodeType property in the perspective Barcode Scanned event script.

Android only:

  • Fixed an issue where authentication could open a web browser for login instead of using the native app
  • Prevented a crash that could occur when creating a shortcut bitmap.