Ignition Perspective passing parameters

Hi, I am working on a project where I have 40 pumps/motors and I’ve created a single popup screen to show all values for the motor and then feed numeric data to the field (in perspective). I am passing parameters from the view/PARAM and then creating binding of each component. On the main screen (from where I would like to open the popup) I’ve done onClick configure events on the motor and able to open the popup window. the problem is that I’m getting snapshot of the values and to check the change in any value I have to close and open the popup page. I want to use the same template for all the motors and just want to pass parameters to it. I would request for an advise on how to do it?

Parameters are only read once on view opening. So that explains what you are seeing.

Instead, you should pass the pump/motor number (e.g. “27”) and then have each tag on the popup view reference that in an indirect tag path.

Figure 1. An indirect tag path set up to retrieve the RPM value for the motor selected by a Radio Group.

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Thanks, It is working. I am able to see the real time tag values. BUT writing the values to tags are not working till now. I have selected the binding as bidirectional but still not able to write to PLC.

any advise please?

Does this problem occur in Designer only or in the browser as well?
If it’s only in Designer then check that you have write mode enabled.
Ignition read-only