Ignition Perspective Refresh Rate

Is there a way to increase refresh rate for Ignition Perspective?

  • It looks like my actual throughput for tags coming from Allen Bradley is 12 ms
    (Looking at "[edge]Diagnostics/Sampling/1000ms/ActualThroughput")

  • But my ignition perspective display bound to that tag is looking at 1s refresh rate.

Change the rate of the Tag Group those tags are in to something faster than 1000ms.

p.s. you're not interpreting that value of that tag correctly. It's telling you that throughput (requests per second, or a 1 minute moving average rate) is 12.


Thanks for the directions.
And yeah, I didn't go into documentations and just posted here to look for answer, but I am very surprised on how quick you guys responded.

Thanks again for correcting me.