Ignition Perspective Session Custom Properties

Hello - Is there a way to save a project without overwriting/pushing the values for the session custom properties in the designer?

For reference, we are using a session startup script to automatically populate the session custom properties for that user by querying a DB with their hostname and what they have previous configured their display as. Well whenever I push save in designer, it automatically reverts all perspective sessions that are open to my configured settings thus requiring every other session to be closed and reopened on its PC so that the start up script can run and return these value back to original.

Try right clicking the properties and marking them as not persistent?

Even marking them as non-persistent will still result in the open sessions getting the saved changes. What you’re describing is a drawback of performing maintenance or undergoing active development on what sounds like a production environment.

Perhaps you could do something with a Project Update Gateway Event Script? You could send a message that would be received by a Session Message Handler which would re-query the database…