Ignition Perspective through a sperate Gateway

I have a perspective project that I have built up initially as a demo on an Ignition Gateway that does not have the perspective module installed for web page viewing but recently got access to another gateway that does have the module for perspective. Is there an easy way to route the project on the gateway without the module through the gateway with the module so that it is web page viewable without having to export/import the project and set up all of the database connections etc? Or have the gateway with the module “share” the module with the gateway that does not have the module so that it is fully licensed for perspective?

I don’t really understand what you’re asking for.
If you have two gateways, and one has Perspective, then just point your web browser at the gateway with Perspective?
If you care about a specific IP or hostname or whatever, then your best bet is to stand up a middleware service (nginx, Traefik, etc) to reroute both IPs to one particular one.

No, the Gateway that has the project needs to have the licensed module. You’ll either need to copy the project over or license Perspective on your first Gateway.