Ignition Perspective Time Series Chart Component Error

Ignition Perspective (8.1.15) does not render a time series chart correctly unless the browser is refreshed multiple times, on the designer the chart does not show but instead you get a grey box with a component error, see screenshots below:


I’d start with seeing what kind of binding you have on your Time Series Chart. Can you open that binding and post a screenshot of what your binding looks like?

This may need to be a ticket for Support, but any additional information will help.

The binding is very simple, direct tag, See below:

and when it works it looks like this:


Hmm…yeah, I’d go ahead and submit a ticket with Support so that they could take a closer look at what’s causing this problem. Your bindings definitely look okay, but there’s probably something I’m missing here since I can’t take a closer look at your project and component.