Ignition Perspective TimeSeriesChart bar display

Good morning all,
I’m trying to create a TimeSeriesChart graph on the bar data right now.
My data comes from a query grouping them by 10 min range.
When I’m in line mode, everything is fine, but when I activate bar mode, I don’t see my data because it overlaps.


Is there a way to enlarge the size of the bars (I know how to do it in xy, but I want to do it in serial time to recover the x trace on click and thus make a sort of zoom) and especially to shift them to that they do not overlap?
Thanks for your help

Hello @samuel.houriez, when using the bar chart display, the data will stack in one vertical bar when plotting multiple pens. It gets around the issue of overlapping, but it requires you to do some math against the Y axis to determine the values in the stacked segments.

Currently, the width of the bars are fixed based on the level of zoom you are using in the chart and the density of the data-over-time being displayed. You’ll need to zoom into a section of the chart for the bars to become wider. I will say that if you are handy with SVG/CSS, you can make the bars wider to fit your use case, but I wouldn’t recommend that since you’d be modifying SVG paths that are prone to changing as updates are made. This would also impact the zoom display negatively. It is an option, though.

Hello @jball ,

Thank you for your help, indeed by putting a smaller time scale, this creates a zoom and my bars are wider and more readable.
I put them on different plots for better viewing.
Thanks again

I have the same issue with the bars displaying very small…
The data contains data of 1 week with only 1 datapoint a day.

How can i take care of the bars to display them larger.
Or another alternative would be to use an XY chart and let the bars stack behind each other, but that seems not possible either because they are going to get stacked on top instead.

What i want to acclomplish is the following (this is made in vision):

Hello @joostjojo ,

I just wanted to post how i accomplished your mockup you did in vision but using the perspective XY chart.

Below is a screen shot of a test screen i am working on currently. To get bars layered behind others you just need to copy your x axis so that you have 2 x axis configured (rename the second one so they aren’t the same) then in your series for the data you want behind you use the second x axis and change the z index of your series so that the one you want in the back is 0 and increasing as you move towards the front of the screen. to make the bars wider set the top bars width(under column/appearance) to something you like then on the other series set the width to something slightly larger.

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