Ignition Perspective widget

I am trying to use Perspective dashboard component add widgets to it but later I want to pass a tag path to each widget so that end user could selecta tag and assign it to the widget.

Can you please guide me for it. I was thinking of using Tag tree component on popup on clicking the widget.

We found the easiest was with a dropdown menu built into widget component. User selects the tag from a list and then click a button that updates the path and in turn the binding.

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  • In the widget create a parameter tagOptions.
  • Add the dropdown to the widget's config mode view.
  • Create a property binding on the widget dropdown options to view.params.tagOptions.
  • On the dashboard or in the session props or wherever suits from a maintenance point of view, create a list of tag paths and friendly names.
    "value": "[default]myTag0",
    "label": "Sultana packer speed"
    "value": "[default]myTag1",
    "label": "Raisin packer speed"
    "value": "[default]myTag2",
    "label": "Date de-stoning kg"
  • Bind the widget's tagOptions parameter to the list of options.

Dhanyawad (Thank you) !