Ignition Powerchart (Need Help!)

I am needing some help with the Power Chart I've recently made a post, but maybe this one will get more attraction.

In Powercharts I am looking at the history of tags. I am displaying the Last 8 Hours in real time mode.
The tags in this system that are having issues are things such as setpoints that are not changed very often maybe once every other month.

Is it possible or is there any way to show the current value of this tag even though it hasn't had anything in the history for the past 8 hours?
This is the current trend showing values:

If I change the range to last 8 weeks the setpoint shows a value:

Is this not possible in power charts just to trend the current value without having to have history in the historian.

I am not able to change the sampling size because in this system there are 100's of calculated tags that look at previous values and it must match up with the old system.

Any help is greatly appreciated!!

Hello Noad_Casey,

You could try altering your tag history settings to set the max time between samples to an hour for example. What will happen with this set is if the value of the tag hasn't changed for an hour it will log that tags value in the database again. This way you will have current tag values within that 8 hour time frame you are querying for in your Powerchart.

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