Ignition PowerChart trend data

We currently have a trending screen with tags and the Issue I'm coming across is that the tags data has not changed in the current time range for example:

Tag1: Current Value -30
Last changed: (Lets say 2 weeks ago)

The tag will not trend and there is No Trend Data Available

Is there a way to show the the current value even if the value has not changed in the past 8 hours:

I want the tag to show as above even if it has not changed within the last 8 hours.

Any guidance would help I have not used power charts to know the full capabilities.


Use the minimum/maximum sample times on your history settings on the tag or group.

For example, you can have values recorded in the database every hour regardless of change or not.

I would like to do that. However with how the system is setup they have many calculated tags which look at previous values so adding in a new record could mess with calculations.

Duplicate the value. Use an expression tag to look at the tag in question and set up history for that.

Then use the original tag with the current setup.

If you're not changing a tag for 2 weeks, it seems like you're asking for trouble by expecting nothing going wrong over a course of that time and have the data be still valid.

It's like this for all tags in the system (over 10k). How the customer has tags setup with values not changing like this is a pain I wish I could change it but it's how their entire system is setup. Along with calculated tags looking at previous values I can't change sampling rates. I'm kind of at a stand still here I guess for now the solution is opening up the filter range by more than 8 hours.

Thank you for the help you have provided.