Ignition PowerPoint Symbol Library

Not sure where to ask this but I figured a Sales or Marketing Engineer could help.

I frequently have to build a slide deck to present an Ignition based solution to a client. I was wondering if IA has a Power Point template available that contains all of the symbols and pictograms that are used in the user manuals and marketing. Something like what AWS provides here:

Right now I am using custom built symbols I have made or have had to paste in png's or jpg's I have had to clip out and none of it looks very professional or clean.

I'd reach out to a sales rep.

I've seen some resource with Ignition branding, icons, emblems and that sort of stuff. Maybe someone has a link. I couldn't find it.

It's for integrators.

Gold Certified Integrators to be precise.

Non gold get it to. just one says gold and one says core certified.

Great! Would you have a link? I can't seem to find it.

From my Integrator account, I am able to access a lot of pre-configured marketing materials and there is an "Architecture Elements" package:

It has a lock icon and when I click on it, I see this:

If there is anything out there that a non-Gold certified integrator can access, I would greatly appreciate a pointer in that direction.

My bad. I stand corrected.