Ignition primary server crash when retrieving alarm history for over a year

Seeking support with my ignition primary server crashing when I try to retrieve alarms for over an year using alarm history function.

has any one faced similar issue or knows how to resolve it.

Thank you for your support in advance

Check the logs right before the crash I would think you should see something there.

Just a guess based on seeing other data intensive operations crash the gateway but it's probably getting more data than it has ram allocated to handle the data and the solution will probably be allocating more ram to the gateway or not querying all of the year at once but in chunks.

Hey Bkarabinchak,

Thank for your reply, is there a way to limit user input in Alarm history function to maybe upto 3 month or 90 days.

Kind Regards


How are you currently querying this alarm history? Can you show us the script? Most of the system.alarm.* functions allow you to specify a date range.