Ignition Project Launcher Jar

We have done many projects where we needed the ability to have both the server and the client run off the same machine. Operations always wants the project to run on start-up. Linking to the java shortcut doesn’t work, because the service has not started yet.

My solution is this jar file. Place it in your shortcut folder, or make it run when the window manager starts for Linux. When the file initially runs, it will create a file called launch.properties. Edit this to suit your environment.

The file will need the following properties
launchJar=Path to launch.jar. Will try to find it in default locations, but you can edit this if you have a non-standard install
httpsPort=HTTPS port of Ignition service
host=Hostname of Ignition server, either as a hostname or IPv4 address.
project=The project name
httpPort=HTTP port of Ignition service

Any suggestions, please let me know.

launcher.jar (55.1 KB)

Sweet! Thanks, Kyle. I have a few HMI’s I’m sticking together. I’ll stick this in and let you know how it goes. :slight_smile:

Oh yeah, was going to mention that some sample entries for the launch.properties file may be beneficial.

Thanks a lot for this, Kyle. I had just posted on Ignition Design Help on Friday asking if anyone had something like this.

I’m running a Vision Panel Edition on Ubuntu 12.04. Took me a few tries, but here is an example that worked for me on the launch.properties file. (BTW, this file got generated in the ~/.ignition directory after running the launcher.jar file from the Archive Manager with Java Runtime):


I’m using Unity, so in the StartUp Manager, I added an application start-up program with the command:

java -jar /path/to/launcher.jar

That’s it! I’ll try this later with regular clients with a separate Gateway.

I’m having the same issue trying to run .jnlp on Startup, running the gateway and client on same XP machine.

It fails to load initially but if I want a minute or two it loads good.

What would I need to do to get this working on Windows machine?

Place the file, or a shortcut to the file, in your startup menu. On first run, it will create a file called %USERPROFILE%/.ignition.launch.properties. Fill in the information in that file, and it should work fine.