Ignition Project Layout

Hello, I am new to Ignition and so is our company. I would really like to get as many of your thoughts as possible on your general structure of a large (3 sites) Ignition layout. Right now I am creating a new Database Schema for each project. My projects are divided into areas of each site. I am using the naming convention “Site_Area”. I create a new database schema, tag provider, user source, alarm journal, etc. all using that same naming convention “Site_Area” so its called the same throughout the Gateway. Please do not hold back in telling me this is a terrible way to do it ha-ha. I need to learn the proper way to set up this server’s gateway so we can best utilize it. Getting the main structure right is crucial in my opinion. Thank you in advance for your feedback and direction.

I would also like to note we are still in the very early stages of developing this. Any large changes can be done fairly easy.