Ignition Query Tag Lookup Command

I am trying to setup a query tag to look for the status of a part within a table that was created by a transaction group. The transaction group table’s name is “BirthCertificates” within the Data source “SerialDatabase”
I have made a new Query tag with data type Integer. In the SQL Query tab I have entered the following:
lookup({Root Container.BirthCertificates.data}, “TESTSERIAL”, 3, “SerialNumber”, “Status”)
And selected “SerialDatabase” from the Datasource drop down menu
The tag diagnostics show an invalid tag path, leading me to believe I have setup the dataset field of the lookup query incorrectly, if anyone has some syntax suggestions I would appreciate it. Was basing my syntax off of the following: https://docs.inductiveautomation.com/display/DOC79/lookup
Using Ignition 7.9.1

lookup() is an expression function. You must use SQL in a query tag, and expression functions in expression tags. And there’s no root container available, wether a Query or Expression, as they don’t execute in any client scope where a window’s root container would be present. Take a look at the Inductive University module on Query Tags.