Ignition questions about warehouse and SAP

I wanted to make sure some details about ignition .The questions as below ,please help me to explain these questions . Any help will be greatly appreciated. Thanks !

1.Can ignition call the informations of ins and outs of warehouse in SAP? And how ?
2.How to make materials and products always FIFO(First in first out)in the production procerure? How to define this production mold ? Where can we define ?
3.How to call the workorders from SAP ?
4.When operator scan the barcode of materials’s weight that this product used,how can ignition give the rest materials’s weight in this lot back to SAP ?
5.If the informations about ins and outs of warehouse are in the SAP, how does ignition get the informations and print the bar code ?
6.In track and trace there are some equipments ,who supply the interface ? Ignition or equipment supplier ?
7.Can ignition supply a random inspection of some lot of materials ?

All of your question related to MES systrm which cover in MES ignition Module.
For SAP and Work order.
Yes, Ignition MES able to receive work order from any ERP system .
Please check MES module you will find all answers and More.

The short answer is YES, all of those items are doable with Ignition, with or without the Sepasoft MES module; it depends on what level of functionality you want to achieve. In general, keep this in mind: Ignition is a development platform, it can do anything you want it to do: SCADA, Dashboards, database management, web requests, machine interfacing, ERP data exchange, etc.
I am yet to run into any project that is proposed and I’d have to say “no, it can’t be done with ignition” (a different question is whether you should or not :slight_smile: )

  1. I am guessing that you are referring to inventory and material flow? If SAP has the information, Ignition can retrieve via a database query, an API call or a custom interface (TCPIP sockets, for example)
  2. Again, you can either control the production schedule on the SAP side, or in Ignition once the data is downloaded
  3. Database query, API, custom interface
  4. Same as #3 above. you can drive actions off of manual (operator-driven) or automatic events (tag-driven)
  5. Yep, same as above
  6. The equipment has to have means to exchange data with Ignition; typically there will be a ModbusTCP interface available, but it varies from vendor to vendor
  7. Certainly! You can script anything you want

I hope this helps.



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If you have not heard, we just released a module called Interface for SAP ERP, which will make the necessary connection for you to bring that data down from SAP.

In addition, we released the Business Connector Module which helps you execute those complicate workflows in a drag-and-drop GUI, replacing countless lines of script.

The Business Connector module is also compatible with our Web Services module, which will consume external REST or SOAP APIs, or turn your Ignition Gateway into an API endpoint.

Please reach out to us if you would like more information or a demo.


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