Ignition Redundance and Database failover

Looking for some ideas, or perhaps best practice.

I am working on a system with a redundant pair of Ignition servers. Each server has its own SQL server instance. As I was setting this up, I was wondering about the best way to set up the database failover. The database is nothing fancy, so I opted for basic availability groups in SQL Server 2019 (acts like a failover pair in earlier versions). Problem is, the database will most likely not fail over at the same time as Ignition, unless the server itself dies or loses network.

Just curios how others have approached this situation.


I’m not terribly familiar with these options, but my customers using SQL Server do the DB failover completely separate from Ignition failover. Both Ignition master and backup point at the SQL Server “cluster”. (“group” now, I gather?)

Of course, this makes sense only when the DB servers are not in the same servers as Ignition. (Could be some common hypervisors, as long as the combinations cover all redundancy requirements.)

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I am not really familiar with the new methods for this is SQL server. Since their is only one database, and it is small, I was trying to go as simple as possible.

I am proceeding with (trying to) setting up the db fail-over and have the Ignition config point to both. Will just have a fail-over connection in Ignition that points to the second SQL server on the secondary node. I know this means that the active HMI and active database will not always be on the same server.

We should have virtualized, but didn’t due to cost. This would have been soo much easier.

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