Ignition report loading question marks in blank spaces?

So I have an allen bradley PLC which has the part numbers and SN scanned into it , it gets stored into a tag as a bunch of DATA tags , and then it has a LEN tag that if i write to it will let me see whats in the string for the scanned name

I made a gateway timer script to write the number 16 into all the LENs so I could log the recipe into a report

but when I export the report as an XLSX file it will show the Scanned Name and a bunch of ????? for all the blank spaces that didn't fill the LEN

is there anyway to get around this?

Example "Scanned SN??????" will be put in the report because its 16 - 10 from the name loaded into it leaving 6 question marks

They aren't blanks. They are nulls. If you set the LEN to include them, you get nulls in your string. You need code in your PLC to set the correct LEN for each value.