Ignition Report or Ignition Vision Interface or both?

Hello, I’m really new to Ignition. I am not sure which direction to begin with Ignition. I have a database configured, and connections from PLCs. My project is to create “Charge Reports” for a process. I need to capture graphs to show duration and quantity of vacuum, pressure, temperature, effluent removed, and oil used. This data then needs to be saved for up to 30 years, and must be able to be recalled or the report recreated. I am not sure of Ignitions capabilities, so I am asking the community.

Some conditions:
I don’t want to fill the database with unnecessary continuous data, but I do need to save data when a treating process begins.

Operators may need to begin a report on one shift, and it ends on another operators shift.

Operators will need to input some data: Species, Retort used, Work Tank used, Customer ID, possibly an option for a “Comments” section.

Some method to save incomplete/faulty reports, and some way to edit the operators input if needed.

I’m sure there will be more conditions, but this is all I’ve got for now.

Any suggestions or directions to begin? My initial plan was to make data input forms in Ignition, and then use the form to generate a report, but maybe reports can do it all?

Hi robb,

I would recommend the SQL Bridge for this. Transaction groups are easy to set up, and can be configured to trigger via event or level (trigger value is 0/1). Since you have a multi-variable process, I believe it would give you a more contextual view of the process.

This, of course, will need to be done in Vision, regardless if the Report Module is used.

Consider a separate db table for comments, when you get to that point. That way, multiple comments can be tied to a treat process, and can even be added during the process, if any such extra documentation is required. Or even just nice to have the option. :wink:

The report module doesn’t do forms, so you’re already on the right track.

My last recommendation is not Ignition related. It is to document the process, including (or especially) the operator workflow. I use flowcharts for this. I’ve seen people use MS Visio or even Excel shapes to do this, but my personal favorite is Diagram Designer, as it’s lightweight and free, which appeals to my sense of cheap.