Ignition Report Schedule (Feature Request?)

Overview of requests, or items that I would love explanations on if they exist:

  1. An extra column on report scheduling for notes/description, so details can be seen at a glance without selecting the schedule item.
  2. Some form of looping for parameters and schedule actions (given a list of 5 variables, do report action for each item in list)
  3. Parameters selectable for Recipient Emails

I am making a generic report to be emailed to multiple operators. The report content is duplicatable so ideally, a single report is made and multiple schedules are made to email the respective operator given their name/userName as a parameter.
Right now it seems (and if I am wrong, explanations are incredibly welcomed!), I need to make a schedule item for every operator, then adjust their email and parameter accordingly. However, I now need to add 1 schedule item per operator and then I have 10-20 schedule items with no designator until I click on them.
It would be great to supply something like a parameter list of names and automatically fill parameter at ndx 1 to generate the report, then email that person (so maybe also allow parameters in the email address fields).

Until such time as IA implements your idea, you can always use system.report.executeAndDistribute() to automate this.

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That’s in the ballpark of what I need for this particular task but has a few shortcomings.

It does seem to be a powerful tool though, I appreciate the suggestion, I am sure I’ll use it somewhere!