Ignition Report trend feasibility

Hello Team,
We have doubt about ignition reporting component XY chart/timeseries chart.
We are looking for trend in ignition report, instead time-based axis can we do x axis with another comparison parameter like M1,M2 etc.


Please let me know feasibility. I have trying to add but I got " error drawing component"


"Trend" is a fundamentally time-series word in english, and implies an X axis of dates or times. The XY chart doesn't require datetimes on the X axis, but does require numbers. You may be able to format a numeric X axis to achieve your desired view.

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Hello @pturmel,
You mean to achieve this we need use X axis parameter as 1 instated M1. mi correct?
Let me know if any other way to achieve this in report.

Hello @Noah_Casey,
Thanks for suggestion but im looking same functionality in Reporting module trend feature.