Ignition Report using named query

I have a nested query that I can execute in the designer and I am getting the desired results in the testing tab of the named query. But when I use this same named query in a report, one of the values is receiving null somehow and this is also causing the other values from the query to show 0 instead of the results shown in the testing tab. Does anyone know what is going wrong?

One of the parameters might be getting a different value ?
Can you give us more details ?

The named query that we use in the report selects one row filled with A, B, and C for example, the named query data source is named Stats. A is a float, B is a float, C is an int. The report displays each of these values in a simple table,
A: Stats.A
B: Stats.B
C: Stats.C
When this query is executed in the database and the designer's named query testing tab, we get results like,
0.213 17.0 23
But in the designer's preview tab and a perspective session where I am choosing my parameters, I am seeing this,
A: <N/A>
B: 0
C: 0

Sounds like a typo in your report parameters somewhere.

Thank you, I was not setting the value to the parameters correctly.

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